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 Joanna Potepa Designer


I find inspiration everywhere. Much of my work is inspired by the patterns, palettes and sheer genius of nature. Whenever I am outside, whether I am walking in the forest or exploring my garden with camera in hand, I am perpetually alert to the spectacle of my environment.

My photographic library is filled with images of flowers and plants of every shape and colour.

Echoes of the natural world are reflected in everything I make.

I also find my inspiration in the characters and stories of other women. I’d like my work to be considered a homage to women. An unapologetic celebration of femininity and identity.


How I work


I spend a long-time exploring the possible combinations and the specific make up of each piece.
Silks, the best quality crystals, gems and mineral stones are eternal favourites.
No matter how popular, I never repeat the same design twice. Every piece is entirely unique.
All of my jewellery uses soutache, a decorative braid historically used as a highlight on formal wear such as military uniforms.
My work applies soutache as a way off adding a splash of colour to any occasion. My clients wear my pieces to add the finishing touch to an outfit for a special event, or simply to bring some elegance to the everyday.
My creations were born to make you feel special.
  • My photographic library
    My photographic library
  • Lavender and Joanna
    Lavender and Joanna
  • Process of creation
    Process of creation
  • swarovski crystals
    swarovski crystals
  • Gems and minerals
    Gems and minerals
  • My photographic library
    My photographic library