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Brilliantly feminine and unapologetically bold.


Stop shows and turn heads with a Be Exceptional necklace. Each piece is handmade and designed to make a statement. From the shape and weight to the exquisite attention to detail, every one of my necklaces is product of the dedication and passion with which it was made.

Made not of gold or silver, but of hand-woven silken thread weaved around gemstones and crystals, each necklace is as unusual as it is beautiful. Across the selection you will see evocative echoes of nature from the azure of a waterfall to the brilliance of a sunset to the intensity of colour found in plumed feather. These reflections of nature’s own brilliant eye for design give the collection a whimsical fee, evoking memories of natural patterns, exotic cultures and mysterious foreign lands. Each item is totally unique, made to be as brilliantly individual as the women who wear them.

Be totally exceptional. Be totally yourself.