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Soutache is a traditional embroidery technique that uses intricate loops of braid to create bold patterns rich in detail and colour.

The use of soutache is a key feature of my jewellery. I often combine mineral gemstones into the designs. Signature elements like gems and stones are secured with transparent thread, and each piece is then backed with soft leather. The finishing touch is always a clasp, the bolder and more decorative the better.

Every item I make is a product of love. I spend hours selecting the perfect colour of silk and exploring combinations of gemstones and crystals to fashion a perfectly original piece. I like to think of my time as an investment, an investment in the satisfaction and the pleasure that my jewellery brings to the women who wear it.

Our stocks of silk braid, the best quality crystals, gems and mineral stones are sourced from the best suppliers.


  • Time to start creation.
    Time to start creation.
  • How it;s made.
    How it;s made.
  • Soutache silk trim
    Soutache silk trim
  • The best quality crystals
    The best quality crystals
  • Gems and minerals
    Gems and minerals
  • Closer look at detail.
    Closer look at detail.