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  • Hand Embroidered Earrings Autumn Leaves
    Hand Embroidered Earrings Autumn Leaves

Let the jewellery dress you up.


The ethereal energy lovingly stitched into each piece is stored, ready to release whenever you wear it.

Everything in nature is an original, unique, unrepeatable, just as two snowflakes differ, leaves are never the same, so too are ‘BeExceptional’s’ jewellery pieces made to adorn magnificently unique women.


‘BeExceptional’ is creating unique wearable jewellery artworks that can mirror your emotions.

A piece of jewellery has the power to transform your outfit, your mood, raise your self-esteem, improve your attitude to life.

Wearing your favourite jewellery is like telling a story without words, an excellent way to express yourself.


Why such a diverse collection?


Nature is diverse. Inspiration drawn from the natural world cannot be fixed in one design. Symmetry, geometry, chaos are all aspects that inspire.

Photography is the key to my creativity. Not always knowing the names of the flora and fauna I photograph doesn’t change the essence of the moment I press the shutter release. Capturing not just the image but the spirit of it, the smell, temperature, mood, the frisson of electricity that inspires a new creation, design, pattern.

  Every woman who buys from BeExceptional will own something “a little different”. Each piece of created jewellery is unique, one copy only.


 BeExceptional by Joanna Potepa is a business that creates hand embroidered jewellery since 2010.