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  • Necklace Jungle Amazons
    Necklace Jungle Amazons
  • Pendant Jungle Acamar
    Pendant Jungle Acamar

Make a statement without words.


Women are brilliant and complex and original. They deserve more than muted styles and delicate adornment.

We believe every woman has the right to shine.

Be Exceptional creates stunning hand-made Jewellery to express the beauty and strength of every different woman.

Every piece comes with a story.

Every piece lets you make statement without words.


Naturally diverse

Symmetry and chaos. Geometric patterns and contrasting palettes. My collection is wide ranging and varied because it mirrors the incredible diversity of nature.

The inspiration for my designs often starts with my photography. With the image of flower of a shape found in my garden or on a walk. With a single brilliant natural detail captured and preserved.

The smells, the feelings, the essence of that moment all contribute to the final design.

The result is a signature design style and a collection broad enough to let every different woman find a piece that perfectly expresses their identity.


 BeExceptional by Joanna Potepa is a business that creates hand embroidered jewellery since 2010.