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Joanna Potepa

As I work my inspiration is nature.


I create soutache world I have seen walking in the wood, on the fields, in  the gardens, I start working and suddenly in my hands appears something, something more than the gems and braid, something special – making the patience and work worthwhile.


I want my works to reflect the individuality and femininity of the women who use it.


I design each piece individually: selecting from my stocks of silk braid, Swarovski crystals, gems and mineral stones sourced from the best suppliers, and sewing each item by hand.

This is a very time-consuming process that requires imagination, skill, precision and attention to detail.

In my imagination I see a woman wearing my jewellery, she looks and smiles.


Perfect to complete a formal dress or to celebrate special occasion but I would like my customers to use Soutache works in their daily lives, enhancing a simple outfit into something that makes them feel special.