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Sophisticated and bold but feather lightness


Take a moment to look at these new, tailored, ultra-light earrings. Made for every woman by an artist drawing on many years’ experience in producing original designs. Sophisticated and bold but with a delicate touch, feather lightness, like a gentle stroke or a lover’s whisper over your neck, you will feel only the delight of these earrings, not the weight.

Wearing the right earring gives confidence, can change the way people around perceive you, giving a glimpse of your personality not normally available to the casual onlooker. From the stunning colours of the ‘Skyline to the sparkling glamour of the ‘Eclipse for evening wear, the beautiful Swarovski crystals glitter and make quite an impact.

Enhance any outfit by pairing with your choice of size, colour and flamboyance from either range.

Surprise yourself with just how much pleasure the final effect can give.

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