Be Exceptional by Joanna Potepa is a business that creates Soutache Jewellery and Art Decor


Joanna Potepa designs each piece individually : selecting from our stocks of Soutache braid, Swarovski crystals, gems  and mineral stones sourced from the best suppliers, and sewing each item by hand.  Every woman who buys from “Be Exceptional” will own something “a little different”.


 Soutache is a traditional technique that combines intricate loops of braid and gemstones to create intriguing patterns and rich pallets of colour.   Very often a unique mineral stone is incorporated into a piece of jewellery.  Transparent thread is used to secure the components and then the piece is backed with the softest leather.   Finally a clasp is chosen,  as decorative as the Soutache itself


We provide a bespoke service and welcome enquiries about variations of the models we advertise.


This is small business dedicated to creating  with honesty, passion and enthusiasm. 


Galleries contain photos of jewellery that has already sold. However all the designs in these galleries are available in similar or different colours.

 Have you seen something you like but would prefer it to be different in some way?

I am able to supply custom jewellery to your particular requirements, whatever colour or design you like, customize or create one-off-pieces.